NATALIEES (echoed_screams) wrote in self__inflicted,


 i want to get this    

what do you guys think?



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for getting your lip pierced you should think about a ring
studs tend to scratch away at your teeth and cause several dental problems
aawww i dont want to have problemss
butt i do like ringss butt not all the time
I Think the studs look hot, they dont look as chunky as rings..I say go for it :)
yeah thats why i want a stud
Studs are better for your teeth if the placement is right. People are more likely to chew rings and they also can rub against the teeth if placed wrong. I have a ring myself, but only because the placement is high at the back so it doesnt touch anything. (I still play with it though... wears my teefs down, it does. Soon I'll look like a stereotypical Brit. XDDD! )