scott_hart (scott_hart) wrote in self__inflicted,

My name is Gavin Hart and I'm a senior in highschool, just turned 18 on valentines day, and have 12 piercings. 10 in my ears, with gauges, and my tounge and belly button. (yes I'm gay) I also have a new tattoo that I got just last week, it's pretty awsome. Just ask me about it and I'll tell you... Just looking to meet a new friend with some of the commen interests that I have and wanted to ask a question. I want to be a piercing artist when I move out, and I was wondering if there was such a thing as apprentiships for that type of thing. What do I do to get started?!? Well, if you can help me out I'll love you and probably add you, so beware! ttyl~Gavin~
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