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Hey everyone, I just found this community and thought it would be an awesome one to join. I'm very much into piercings and have plans for quite a few. Currently I have...*counts* only 6, though I've prolly had around 28 or so in the past. My ears are both at a .10 and I'm working up to a zero. I have the upper cartilage pierced on my left ear, the right side of my lip pierced and my nipples. (again I've had a lot more in the past and plan on quite a few more in the future).

There's quite a few I'd like to get, but I'm toying around with the placement of them all. I know I definately want to get the back of my neck pierced under my tattoo (bat w/spider web design, my creation). I also want to get my hood done again, along with the other side of my lip, two tongue piercings, debating on whether to get the septum or a double nostril (one side), also toying with the thought of a medusa, a row of rings in one ear, and elf spikes on the top of my ears along with maybe a rook, oh and chest piercings, but again with the uncertainty of the placement. *breaths* Yup, I like me some piercings. =)

I currently only have one tattoo, but I have quite a few of those planned out as well. =P

Question: I'm seriously interested in apprenticing as a piercer, but I don't know how to go about getting hired as one. There's a couple of shops in my town I'd love to work for. Does anyone have any advice?
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I Only Have Two Piercings Besides The Four Holes In My 
Ears & I just Thought Id Show Them To Ya'll But I Am Planning
To Go Get The Other Side Of My Lip Done



I got 8g plugs about 3 years ago. I went on vacation and misplaced them for over a week and wasn't able to put them back in. They're completely closed now and I want them re-pierced. With that said,

Does it hurt more to re-pierce? How will running and martial arts affect the healing process? And, I'm going on vacation starting this friday. Will my ears still be red or look weird for some reason?


Nipple Piercings

Ok, so last Saturday I went down to one of the local piercing shops (there's three in the same area, but I got a recommendation for one, and I just moved up here so where to go or which was best), but anyway, I went and got my nipples pierced!

I was really happy to finally get them done because I've wanted them for years but had been so scared of them getting ripped out, but after multiple other piercings, wasn't scared any more and went and did them.

well, they were quite sore that night, and I realized one of them wouldn't stop bleeding, it was just a little bit but it was bleedign and the other one wasn't, and this went on for practically a whole day.

When I showered I cleaned off the blood and crusies and compared the two nipple piercings and, although they were perfectly straight (which was one of my worries) the one that was bleeding, ...idk how to explain it exactly and i don't have a picture, but it was different from the right one. It seems as if the needle went through wrong or something and so on one side of the hole it's closer to the surface and seems to be ... wrong.

So I went and visited the piercer that did it two days after I got them and he said to wait and see and that he's never had a nipple piercing reject (I've had two friends who've got them done and both have had one reject, so you can see my worry). I waited a few more days and it looked like it is starting to tear closer to the center of the nipple, and I am not touching it except for cleaning and it's not getting knocked around, there is no reason for this it seems except for placement.

So question :
Should I take it out? The piercer said he'd redue it for free, and I am going back there in three weeks anyway to get nipple bars because he only had CBRs in stock so I got pierced with those.

and question #2:
CBRs or nipple bars? I liked the look of the nipple bars and wanted those innicially but I'm getting used to the CBRs now and my friends think the rings look nice, plus I've been told it's easier for bars to get ripped out, which doesn't make sense but I thought I'd ask.

Sorry for the long winded story, but hope someone can help!

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DIY (Do It Yourself)

So far for all my piercings I've went to a professional piercer, and I still plan to for certain peircings, but I'm short on money and so I'm thinking of doing some of my lobes and cartilage piercings myself.

As of now I have three lobes in each year and an industrial in one ear, and a cartilage piercing in the other.

I've read up on some ways to do this, but just thought I'd ask for for some tips and advice.

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I have been a lurker here for a long time....never posted...sorry this will be my first post...If its not ok just tell me and i will take it down!

I am actually hoping all of you will go and vote here for all the moded beauties! Its time not another blonde haired barbie wins. Im sure i have more piercings and tattoos than them all so go vote.


Long time stalker

Guess I should post really. >__>!!

Uhm, I'm 17, I live in Peterborough in the UK, and I have 5 piercings (unless you could count scaffold as two being that theres two holes... :\ ). I used to have more, but my eyebrow rejected and the placement of my third piercing in my right ear didn't quite look right so I took it out.

The ones I have currently are:
Right side lip
Left ear industrial
Left 10mm flesh tunnel
Right ear has two regular piercings

Industrial and tunnel under cutCollapse )

My boyfriend hates piercings (main reason I don't have many), especially my industrial and doesn't want me to get any new piercings. However he said to me that this is his problem, not mine and he's gonna try and be more lenient. I'm thinking next piercing is going to be venoms because I looooooooove them.

I also am getting a coverup on my pathetic excuse for a tattoo (when I'm 18). It was one of those drunk, seemed like a good idea at the time, kitchen jobs. Surprised I didnt get diseases from it, haha. Its a little wonky moon on the side of my wrist that looks like pacman.

Also...Collapse )

Sorry for the big long spiel, I kinda rambled a bit! n__n;
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So I just joined.
Im 16,and I have 8 piercings.
Ive had my labret done since September 2005,and Ive grown tired of it and want to remove it in exchange getting the right side of my lip pierced.
Parents won't let me get ANY new ones until my birthday in 8 weeks.

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I just dropped the ball of a bar piercing down the drain [no idea how it got down there, what with the towel over the plughole...] and I was wondering if it would be okay to use a regular stud until I can get a ring put in tomorrow? [it's an ear cartilage piercing]

I would just leave it out, but it's kind of infected [has been for 5+ months...ew]

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My name is Gavin Hart and I'm a senior in highschool, just turned 18 on valentines day, and have 12 piercings. 10 in my ears, with gauges, and my tounge and belly button. (yes I'm gay) I also have a new tattoo that I got just last week, it's pretty awsome. Just ask me about it and I'll tell you... Just looking to meet a new friend with some of the commen interests that I have and wanted to ask a question. I want to be a piercing artist when I move out, and I was wondering if there was such a thing as apprentiships for that type of thing. What do I do to get started?!? Well, if you can help me out I'll love you and probably add you, so beware! ttyl~Gavin~