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I read the user info and didn't see an 'application' to join the com so here's alittle 'intro'
Basically Ive been looking for a 'piercing' type com for a bit and have joined quite a few today.
Im an apprentice body piercer
Been working at this studio for just over a year and piercing for about 8months
I'd like to be able to help out with any questions and looking through a few posts on here [I dont mean to be rude!!] looks like some you need some help
A couple of people said a nose piercing take likes 2 weeks to heal. Um no? Its a cartilage piercing, cartilage has a notoriously slow blood flow, you're looking at 3 month minium for complete healing, internal scar tissue [fistula] to form.
Lips should not be pierced initially with rings, that's why the inside of yr mouth is all ripped up, its called migration. There is no fistula formed and the constant movement of the ring pulls at the soft tissue inside.
Im rubbish at the whole gague convertion thing... we use mm and it's all very different!

Im 18, I live in NW London [uk], 2 tattoos and 25 [?] piercings, i lose count.

tell me if i was rude / out of place with the above...
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