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Long time stalker

Guess I should post really. >__>!!

Uhm, I'm 17, I live in Peterborough in the UK, and I have 5 piercings (unless you could count scaffold as two being that theres two holes... :\ ). I used to have more, but my eyebrow rejected and the placement of my third piercing in my right ear didn't quite look right so I took it out.

The ones I have currently are:
Right side lip
Left ear industrial
Left 10mm flesh tunnel
Right ear has two regular piercings

Those are old pics though, of when I first got the scaffold. Its pretty much healed now, I got the industrial a couple of months ago. I can take it out to clean it and whatnot. Should soon be getting a new bar thats shorter, possibly with smaller balls (hehe balls) cause this one is too long, gets caught on jumpers.

My boyfriend hates piercings (main reason I don't have many), especially my industrial and doesn't want me to get any new piercings. However he said to me that this is his problem, not mine and he's gonna try and be more lenient. I'm thinking next piercing is going to be venoms because I looooooooove them.

I also am getting a coverup on my pathetic excuse for a tattoo (when I'm 18). It was one of those drunk, seemed like a good idea at the time, kitchen jobs. Surprised I didnt get diseases from it, haha. Its a little wonky moon on the side of my wrist that looks like pacman.

Many people on here self piercers then (the name)? I'm like a serial self piercer, mainly because I don't often trust anyone else not to fuck up my body. I got my ears done at a shop when I was younger which got infected, and my eyebrow wasnt done deep enough so it rejected really easily and left a scar. All my other piercings except my industrial which I trusted a piercer friend enough to do were done by myself and none of them rejected or got infected.

Yes, I used sterile needles. No, I didn't use tapers for my tunnel, mainly cause I wanted it to be more gradual than just pushing tapers through every couple of months. I used the pvc tape around a plug method, putting a new layer of tape on every two weeks and changing the tape completely once a month to make it a bit cleaner. Now I'm at the size I want however, so I have a nice shiny tunnel, had it in for about 8 months or so now.

This guy I know has gone from no piercing to a 10mm in the past three months, ehh. It annoys me. He asked me to do the first stretch for him because if I didn't, he would. This was within two hours of getting it pierced, he went to a 3mm I think. I was pretty p***ed off. I was like: "Ok, find some vaseline while I go wash my hands." and his answer was something like: "Why do you need to wash your hands, and whats the vaseline for?".

...Well I guess its a good job it was me doing it not him, bloody idiot. Literally, he was gushing.

Sorry for the big long spiel, I kinda rambled a bit! n__n;
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i know you posted this awhile ago, but your industrial looks good and well healed.. i got mine almost three months ago and the healing is horrible. its still sore and i think i have a bubble (or maybe scar tissue?) on the bottom hole:( suggestions?