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Nipple Piercings

Ok, so last Saturday I went down to one of the local piercing shops (there's three in the same area, but I got a recommendation for one, and I just moved up here so where to go or which was best), but anyway, I went and got my nipples pierced!

I was really happy to finally get them done because I've wanted them for years but had been so scared of them getting ripped out, but after multiple other piercings, wasn't scared any more and went and did them.

well, they were quite sore that night, and I realized one of them wouldn't stop bleeding, it was just a little bit but it was bleedign and the other one wasn't, and this went on for practically a whole day.

When I showered I cleaned off the blood and crusies and compared the two nipple piercings and, although they were perfectly straight (which was one of my worries) the one that was bleeding, ...idk how to explain it exactly and i don't have a picture, but it was different from the right one. It seems as if the needle went through wrong or something and so on one side of the hole it's closer to the surface and seems to be ... wrong.

So I went and visited the piercer that did it two days after I got them and he said to wait and see and that he's never had a nipple piercing reject (I've had two friends who've got them done and both have had one reject, so you can see my worry). I waited a few more days and it looked like it is starting to tear closer to the center of the nipple, and I am not touching it except for cleaning and it's not getting knocked around, there is no reason for this it seems except for placement.

So question :
Should I take it out? The piercer said he'd redue it for free, and I am going back there in three weeks anyway to get nipple bars because he only had CBRs in stock so I got pierced with those.

and question #2:
CBRs or nipple bars? I liked the look of the nipple bars and wanted those innicially but I'm getting used to the CBRs now and my friends think the rings look nice, plus I've been told it's easier for bars to get ripped out, which doesn't make sense but I thought I'd ask.

Sorry for the long winded story, but hope someone can help!

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