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New kat joining the club

Hey everyone, I just found this community and thought it would be an awesome one to join. I'm very much into piercings and have plans for quite a few. Currently I have...*counts* only 6, though I've prolly had around 28 or so in the past. My ears are both at a .10 and I'm working up to a zero. I have the upper cartilage pierced on my left ear, the right side of my lip pierced and my nipples. (again I've had a lot more in the past and plan on quite a few more in the future).

There's quite a few I'd like to get, but I'm toying around with the placement of them all. I know I definately want to get the back of my neck pierced under my tattoo (bat w/spider web design, my creation). I also want to get my hood done again, along with the other side of my lip, two tongue piercings, debating on whether to get the septum or a double nostril (one side), also toying with the thought of a medusa, a row of rings in one ear, and elf spikes on the top of my ears along with maybe a rook, oh and chest piercings, but again with the uncertainty of the placement. *breaths* Yup, I like me some piercings. =)

I currently only have one tattoo, but I have quite a few of those planned out as well. =P

Question: I'm seriously interested in apprenticing as a piercer, but I don't know how to go about getting hired as one. There's a couple of shops in my town I'd love to work for. Does anyone have any advice?
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